Best Of Damso DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download- Damso Amnésie Mp3 Download

Best Of Damso DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download

Best Of Damso DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download


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Damso Biography

William Kalubi Mwamba (born 10 May 1992 in Kinshasa), better known by his stage name Damso (French: [damso]), is a Belgian-Congolese rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is popular in France, where all of his albums were certified at least platinum.

Kalubi was born in Kinshasa, Zaire (present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo). When he was nine years old, he and his family left the country because of the bloody armed conflict and moved to Belgium. They eventually settled in Matonge, a largely Congolese neighborhood in Ixelles, Brussels. William’s mother is Rose Marthe.

Damso Origin:  Brussel, Belgium.

Damso Age: 10 May 1992 (age 31)

Kinshasa, Zaire (present-day DR Congo)

Damso Genre: Hip hop, Trap, R&B

Damso Death: 15 May 2022 (aged 56) Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Damso Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Rapper

Damso Instruments:  Vocals, Multiple Instruments, Percussion

Damso Labels: Capitol, Universe

Damso Years Active:  2016- Present

Damso Career: Damso started his rap career in 2006 by performing at local and underground events. At the start of his rap career, he formed rap collective OPG with childhood friend Dolfa. They later recruited Ducke, Lio Brown, and Rex. He released his first solo project Salle d’attente online as a free download in 2014. In collaboration with his band OPG, and significantly inspired by his older brother Mehdi Rais, he released his mixtape MMMXIII on 24 September 2014. Damso made his name in 2015 thanks to his song “Poseidon”, which appears on Booba’s OKLM mixtape. Following this, he joined Booba’s 92i collective and signed with Universal Music.

He made an appearance on Booba’s album Nero Nemesis on the track “Pinocchio”, in collaboration with Booba and rapper Gato Da Bato. Damso’s verse was noted by the public and the media, increasing his popularity and widening his audience. In France, all of Damso’s albums have attained at minimum platinum certification. On July 8, 2016, his first studio album, entitled Batterie Faible, was released on Booba’s label: 92i Records. The project, fully mixed and recorded by Krisy, has been certified platinum in France selling more than 100,000 units.

His second album Ipséité was released on April 28, 2017, and was certified triple platinum in less than six months. The album is now certified diamond with over 900,000 cumulative album sales in France. In 2018, Damso’s third album Lithopedion was certified platinum within a week of its release and is now certified triple platinum. He won the best musicer awards. In 2020, he released the album QALF. Which is now certified triple platinum.



List Of Damso Songs


  • Damso Amnésie mp3 download
  • Damso Macarena mp3 download
  • Damso N. J Respect R mp3 download
  • Damso Γ. Mosaïque solitaire mp3 download
  • Damso Dieu ne ment jamais mp3 download
  • Damso Feu de Bois mp3 download
  • Damso Σ. MOROSE mp3 download
  • Damso RENCONTRE mp3 download
  • Damso 911 mp3 download
  • Damso Nocif mp3 download
  • Damso Signaler mp3 download
  • Damso Démons mp3 download
  • Damso Autotune mp3 download
  • Damso Smog mp3 download
  • Damso COEUR EN MIETTES mp3 download
  • Damso BXL ZOO mp3 download
  • Damso Ipséité mp3 download
  • Damso BruxellesVie mp3 download
  • Damso Quoi de neuf bébé mp3 download
  • Damso Kietu mp3 download
  • Damso Festival de rêves mp3 download 
  • Damso Graine de sablier mp3 download
  • Damso Nwaar Is The New Black mp3 download
  • Damso Kin la belle mp3 download
  • Damso LIFE LIFE mp3 download
  • Damso 60 années mp3 download
  • Damso Paris c’est loin mp3 download
  • Damso Υ. 2 DIAMANTS mp3 download
  • Damso Malpolis mp3 download
  • Damso J’avais juste envie d’écrire mp3 download
  • Damso Baltringue mp3 download


And many more…

Damso Amnésie Mp3 Download 

Damso Mix Mp3 Download

Damso Γ. Mosaïque solitaire Mp3 Download


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