Best Of Werrason DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download- Werrason Solola Bien Mp3 Download

Best Of Werrason DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download

Best Of Werrason DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download


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Werrason Biography

Noël Ngiama Makanda, known professionally as Werra son, is a Congolese singer, songwriter, and bandleader born December 25, 1965, in Moliambo, a small village in the western part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), specifically in Kikwit, Kwilu Province. He is one of the founding members of musical band Wenge Musica, which was established in 1981 while he was still pursuing a degree in accountancy. Werrason, and his college friends Didier Masela, Aimé Buanga, Machiro Kifaya and others formed the band and were later joined by J.B Mpiana.

Following the dissolution of the original Wenge Musica, Werrason went on to co-found Wenge Musica Maison Mère (WMMM), a musical band that he created alongside Didier Masela and Adolphe Dominguez. Werrason’s prodigious singing mastery, dynamic performance, and leadership have earned him a prominent position in the Congolese music industry and within the African music landscape. He has been described by the United Nations Global Compact as an “Ambassador For Peace” and carries the label of a ‘people’s singer’.

Werrason Origin:  Congo

Werrason Age: December 25, 1965 (age 57) Kikwit, Kwilu District, Congo-Leopoldville

Werrason Genre: African Music, Soukous, Congolese Music, World Music.

Werrason Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Dancer, Arranger, Choreographer

Werrason Instruments:  Vocals, Multiple Instruments, Percussion

Werrason Labels: Independent

Werrason Years Active:  1981- Present

Werrason Career: When Werrason’s college band Wenge Musica split in December 1997, Werrason, Masela, and Dominguez then created Wenge Musica Maison Mère, a band based at Zamba Playa in Kinshasa. With the help of among others Sankara de Kunta and Zacharie Babaswe, Werrason travelled the country to recruit young musicians; his primary band members were Masela, Dominguez, Ferre Gola, Baby Ndombe, Adjani Sesele, JDT Mulopwe, Celeo Scram, Bill Clinton Kalonji, Serge Mabiala, Didier Lacoste, Chou Lay, Michael Tee, guitarists Flamme Kapaya, Japonais Maladi, Christian Mwepu, and drummers Papy Kakol and Ali Mbonda. The band’s first album, Force d’Intervention Rapide was released on November 28, 1998.

His song “Chantal Switzerland” became a noted song of the year, while his animator Bill Clinton Kalonji was voted best animator. Their second album, Solola Bien (1999) was successful in the African music scene, and earned the Gold Record in France. In June 2001, Werrason released his first solo album Kibuisa Mpimpa, a double CD with 17 tracks. This recording was the result of five years of preparation, four months of studio work, and over 2,000 hours of writing. This album won him two Kora awards in South Africa, including “Best Artist” in Africa and “Best Album” in Central Africa.

Later that year, Werrason performed back-to-back concerts at Zénith Paris, one of the largest concert halls in France. He toured Europe including London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Rome, and Stockholm. The United Nations have awarded him the title of Universal Ambassador of Peace. In 2001, Werrason was received by Pope John Paul II. Since then, he has spoken for UNESCO campaigns against AIDS and discrimination, and in campaigns against early marriages and to promote education for girls. 

During his world tour, performed with other African artists including Manu Dibango at the Paris Olympia, Passi, Doc Gynéco, Benji and Akil. Werrason also collaborated with Shaggy.  In the same year, Werrason performed a concert at Stade des Martyrs, which was attended by over 100,000 people. He also performed for 17,000 at Bercy in 2000.



List Of Werrason Songs


  • Werrason Diemba mp3 download
  • Werrason Solola Bien mp3 download
  • Werrason Zenith mp3 download
  • Werrason Zenga Luketo mp3 download
  • Werrason Nostalgie mp3 download
  • Werrason Sebene mp3 download
  • Werrason Opération Dragon mp3 download
  • Werrason Diego Music mp3 download
  • Werrason Alerte Générale mp3 download
  • Werrason Formidable mp3 download
  • Werrason Sous-sol mp3 download
  • Werrason Kala yi boeing mp3 download
  • Werrason Techno malewa mp3 download
  • Werrason Block Cadenas mp3 download
  • Werrason Le prince de la ville mp3 download
  • Werrason Kin é Bougé mp3 download
  • Werrason Tindika Lokito mp3 download
  • Werrason Un Prince Au Congo mp3 download
  • Werrason Confession Intime mp3 download
  • Werrason Ça sonne mp3 download
  • Werrason Examen  mp3 download
  • Werrason Voyage mp3 download
  • Werrason Conscience-bela mp3 download
  • Werrason Eve Sukali mp3 download
  • Werrason Ton Amour mp3 download
  • Werrason Blandine mp3 download
  • Werrason Médicament mp3 download
  • Werrason Miss Margo mp3 download
  • Werrason Treize Ans mp3 download
  • Werrason Parking mp3 download
  • Werrason Esclave Ya Bolingo mp3 download
  • Werrason Intervention rapide mp3 download


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Werrason Solola Bien Mp3 Download 

Werrason Mix Mp3 Download

Werrason Zenith Mp3 Download


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