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DJ Plentysongz Best Of Dbanj Legendary Mix

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DJ Plentysongz Mixtape Title: Dbanj Legendary Mix 2019
Category: DJ Mix Music
Release Date: Download Naija DJ Mixtape 2019
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Description: What’s the Koko, Give me the Koko, Where is the Koko, I Need the Koko. When the legendary D’Banj came into the Nigerian music scene like a flood in the 90s, one thing was uppermost in his mind, to rule the world with his music. D’banj, also known as the Kokomaster or Bangalee. His stage name, D’banj is from a combination of his first name, Dapo, and his surname, Oyebanjo.

He uses a fusion of Afrobeat and Afropop to bring his music to life and into the 21st century with breathless enthusiasm as well as a good dose of humor, all this as a tribute to his mentor Fela. His songs like Tonkolo, Fall in Love, Run Down, Mobolowowon, Maje and Oliver twist based on his life, often hilarious but with a deeper meaning which documents the struggle of a young Nigerian trying to achieve his dreams. He performs in Yoruba, English and Pidgin English. He recently employed the effort of street ruler Slimcase on a song titled Mo Cover Eh.

Pioneer Disk Jockey DJ PlentySongz to deliver a compilation of D’Banj old and new Single/Collaboration titled “Best Of D’Banj Legendary Mixtape”. If you are a fan of D’Banj, this is a must on your playlist. Download and thank us with your comment in the box below!

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Tracklist: Yes

1. D’Banj – Top Of The World
2. D’Banj – Won Da Mo
3. D’Banj – Lagos party
4. D’Banj – Booty call
5. D’Banj – Mr Olopa
6. D’Banj – Tonkolo
7. D’Banj – Be With You
8. D’Banj – Socor
9. D’Banj – Egweji
10. D’Banj – Baba nla
11. D’Banj – Double wahala
12. D’Banj – Action
13. D’Banj – Ibadi E
14. D’Banj – Run Down
15. D’Banj – Feeling good
16. D’Banj – Fall In Love
17. D’Banj – Alaye
18. D’Banj – Fimile
19. D’Banj – Beacation
20. D’Banj – Mogbona Feli Feli
21. D’Banj – Critical
22. D’Banj – Why Me Remix
23. D’Banj – Hey girl
24. D’Banj – Kimon
25. D’Banj – Oyato
26. D’Banj – Focus
27. D’Banj – Agidi
28. D’Banj – Emergency
29. D’Banj – Pere
30. D’Banj – Igwe
31. D’Banj – Scape Goat
32. D’Banj – I Pray
33. D’Banj – Suddenly
34. D’Banj – Breaking News
35. D’Banj – Maje
36. D’Banj – You Bad
37. D’Banj – Senrere
38. D’Banj – Mobolowowon
39. D’Banj – Oliver Twist
40. D’Banj – Issa Banger
41. D’Banj – Finally
42. D’Banj – First of all
43. D’Banj – Don’t Tell Me Nonsense
44. D’Banj – Mo cover eh
45. D’Banj – Emmah
46. D’Banj – Bother You
47. D’Banj – Mr Endowed
48. D’Banj – Give It To Me
49. D’Banj – Gbelo Gbebo
50. D’Banj – Move Ur Body
51. D’Banj – Knocking On My Door
52. D’Banj – Kukere
53. D’Banj – Sister Caro
54. D’Banj – The King Is Here
55. D’Banj – Shy
56. D’Banj – Pop Champagne
57. D’Banj – El chapo

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DJ PlentySongz – Best Of D’Banj Legendary Mix Mp3 Download 2019
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