Dj EhMi – Rema Freestyle EP Review Mixtape Download 2019


Rema Freestyle EP Mix By: Dj EhMI
Naija Mixtape Title: Rema Freestyle EP
Category: Ep/Album Review Mixtape
Release Date: Mixtapes Mp3 Download June 2019
Review: From now on, Rema’s stage performances will be interesting to watch – especially those ones before an audience of younger millennials and his fellow generation zers. When he is ready, he will be one of Nigeria’s – if not the – most attractive, commercially viable act(s) to the western market. He will be more attractive than Wizkid and Davido to western acts and tastemakers. He has the required contemporary versatility and his style is more adaptive. On beats with no ‘afro’ inclinations, most of Nigeria’s premier talent except Burna Boy and Wande Coal struggle. Rema has an expansive sonic cadence that will allow him to slalom effortlessly between different styles, genres and beat counts. Even better, he is still young, raw and largely malformed. He will only get better and more experimental. This means his sonic suitability will only increase. I know the inevitable shouts of ‘He is still new, Wizkid/Davido are legends‘ and ‘Don’t pile pressure‘ will start, but talent is obvious. This is not hype. If he is not conditioned and he is allowed to grow naturally – a program Mavin is already following – he will blossom incredibly and my ‘hype’ will become an understatement.

In fact, one might argue that the organic nature of the four songs on Rema Freestyle EP is a deft strategy by Mavin/Jonzing to make him test the obvious Emo/SoundCloud rap, Trap&B and alternative R&B side of him. The length of those songs reminds one of XXXTentacion‘s ‘small chops’ music. For now, it will be nice to see Rema go in on a freestyle session.

TrackList: Yes

American Love
Trap out the Submarine

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