Best Of Sam Mangwana DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download- Sam Mangwana Fatimata Mp3 Download

Best Of Sam Mangwana DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download

Best Of Sam Mangwana DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download


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Sam Mangwana Biography

Sam Mangwana (born 21 February 1945), is a Congolese-born musician, born to an Angolan mother and Zimbabwean father. He was the frontman of his bands Festival des Maquisards and African All Stars. Mangwana was a member of François Luambo Makiadi’s seminal band TPOK Jazz, and Tabu Ley Rochereau’s bands African Fiesta, African Fiesta National and Afrisa International.

Sam Mangwana Origin:  Congo

Sam Mangwana Age: 21 February 1945 (age 78) Leopoldville Belgian Congo (present-day Kinshasa, DR Congo)

Sam Mangwana Genre: Congolese Rumba

Sam Mangwana Occupation: Recording Artist

Sam Mangwana Instruments:  Vocals, Guitar

Sam Mangwana Years Active:  1963- Present

Sam Mangwana Career: Mangwana made his professional debut in 1963 with the Congo-Kinshasa rumba band, African Fiesta, owned and led by Tabu Ley Rochereau. Mangwana moved across the Congo River to Brazzaville where he formed a short-lived group called Los Batchichas. He also worked with the more established Negro Band and Orchestre Tembo. He then crossed back to Kinshasa where he joined Tabu Ley, whose band was now known as African Fiesta National.

In 1967, Mangwana again left to form Festival des Maquisards. The band included notable recording artists; vocalists Dalienst and Madilu System, guitarist Dizzy Mandjeku and lead guitarist Michelino. Two years later, Sam Mangwana was on the move again. He recorded duos with a guitarist called Jean Paul “Guvano” Vangu, until 1972. In 1972 he joined TPOK Jazz, led by Franco. Mangwana often played lead singer on compositions by OK Jazz guitarist Simaro Lutumba. 

His popularity increased during this time. The collaboration with Simaro yielded three hits: “Ebale ya Zaire”, “Cedou” and “Mabele”. He left OK Jazz and briefly re-joined Tabu Ley’s band, now called Afrisa. He then left again, this time moving to Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, in West Africa. In 1978 he formed, along with others, the band African All Stars. When the All Stars broke up in 1979, he became a solo artist. He recorded and toured with varying combinations of musicians. 

Maria Tebbo (1980) with remnants of the All Stars, Coopération (1982) with Franco, Canta Moçambique (1983) with Mandjeku, and albums with saxophonist Empompo Loway under the names Tiers Monde Coopération and Tiers Monde Révolution were highlights of his career in the 1980s. Due to his frequent goings and comings, he won the nickname “pigeon voyageur ” (travelling pigeon). In the 2000s, Mangwana spent most of his time in Angola, emerging periodically to perform concerts in Europe.



List Of Sam Mangwana Songs


  • Sam Mangwana Fatimata mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Bana ba Cameroun mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Suzana mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Maria Tebbo mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Mario mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Pesa position na yo mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Transberos mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana 12 600 lettres mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Layile mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Zela Ngai Nasala mp3 download
  • Sam Magwana mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Ibrahim mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Très impoli mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Massu mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Zala Sportif mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Lubamba mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Ayant droit mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Tio Antonio mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Congo Avenir mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Toujours O.K. mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Non mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Bina na ngai na respect mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Galo Negro mp3 download 
  • Sam Mangwana Minha Angola mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Mbanda Kazaka mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Soeto mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwna Sandoka mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Sadou mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Tokoma ba camarade pamba mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Mamisa mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Patria Querida mp3 download
  • Sam Mangwana Felicite mp3 download


And many more…

Sam Mangwana Fatimata Mp3 Download 

Sam Mangwana Mix Mp3 Download

Sam Mangwana Bana ba Cameroun Mp3 Download


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