Best Of P-Jay DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download- P-Jay Padonem Mp3 Download

Best Of P-Jay DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download

Best Of P-Jay DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download


Best Of P-Jay Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download: Here Comes The Best Of P-Jay Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download, It features the hit tracks of P-Jay Dj Mix including P-Jay best songs mp3 download, P-Jay greatest hits CD mp3 download, P-Jay Albums mp3 download, P-Jay latest songs mp3 download, P-Jay Full Albums mp3 download, P-Jay songs mix mp3 download, P-Jay music mixtape mp3 download, P-Jay Latest songs & albums 2023 mp3 download, P-Jay New Songs mp3 download, P-Jay songs list mp3 download, P-Jay All songs mp3 download, P-Jay songs playlist mp3 download, P-Jay Padonem mp3 download, P-Jay Walilowa mp3 download, P-Jay Akasuba mp3 download, P-Jay WHEN Im Gone mp3 download, P-Jay Chamene mp3 download, P-Jay Mwen Adikte mp3 download, P-Jay Tombolilo mp3 download, P-Jay Epowaya mp3 download, P-Jay Love Of My Life mp3 download, P-Jay Stand Firm mp3 download and lots more.

This latest dj mix is generally lit and Y’all will love it! So what are you still waiting for? Feel free to download, play and share this mixtape with all your friends, family, loved ones and social circles so that they can also enjoy good vibes. Always visit this platform for more mixtapes dropping nonstop. Cheers as you have a great day!


P-Jay Biography

Zambian musician P Jay, real name Brian Cheengwa was born on 21st April 1984 in the Copperbelt region in Kitwe. P Jay’s music career started in 2001 as a rapper miming songs by artists of his generation. P Jay used to dance to songs by Daddy Zemus and PK Chishala. confirms that, in the year 2008, Zambian artist P’Jay (now the late) released his first hit single titled Nyengelele – a song that introduced him to the music fans in Zambia.
Before his death on 21st December 2014, P’Jay had worked and collaborated with almost all Zambian musicians hence becoming a legendary artist of this generation.

Based on numbers, P’ Jay had voiced 86 songs, of which 68 were featured and the rest were his single tracks. This ranks  P’Jay as the only Zambian musician with the biggest number of songs and collaborations.



List Of P-Jay Songs


  • P-Jay Padonem mp3 download
  • P-Jay Walilowa mp3 download
  • P-Jay Akasuba mp3 download
  • P-Jay WHEN Im Gone mp3 download
  • P-Jay Chamene mp3 download
  • P-Jay Mwen Adikte mp3 download
  • P-Jay Tombolilo mp3 download
  • P-Jay Epowaya mp3 download
  • P-Jay Love Of My Life mp3 download
  • P-Jay Facebook Love mp3 download
  • P-Jay Piano Yanga mp3 download
  • P-Jay Fòk Mwen Ale mp3 download
  • P-Jay Son Laria mp3 download
  • P-Jay Ne Dors Pas mp3 download
  • P-Jay Plim Pam mp3 download
  • P-Jay Zambia mp3 download
  • P-Jay Real Gangster mp3 download
  • P-Jay Men Sak Best mp3 download
  • P-Jay Nikunyengelelele mp3 download
  • P-Jay Falling mp3 download
  • P-Jay Mo THAN A Freind mp3 download
  • P-Jay I Wonder mp3 download
  • P-Jay Flow Sa Brital mp3 download
  • P-Jay Ayisyen Nou Ye mp3 download
  • P-Jay Pitit Mwen Brase mp3 download
  • P-Jay Echilenga mp3 download
  • P-Jay I Don’t Wanna Hurt You mp3 download
  • P-Jay Transpoter mp3 download
  • P-Jay Ndekushinka mp3 download
  • P-Jay Chisepo mp3 download
  • P-Jay Fanm Potoprens mp3 download


And many more…

P-Jay Padonem Mp3 Download 

P-Jay Mix Mp3 Download

P-Jay Walilowa Mp3 Download


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