Best Of Jimmy Dludlu DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download- Jimmy Dludlu Winds Of Change Mp3 Download

Best Of Jimmy Dludlu DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download

Best Of Jimmy Dludlu DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download


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Jimmy Dludlu Biography

Jimmy Dludlu is a legendary South African jazz musician. His unique and diverse jazz composition styles from different African cultures have him as the founder of Afro-Jazz. Jimmy’s compositions have earned him numerous international awards, making him one of the successful Jazz artists that South Africa has ever produced. 

Jimmy Dludlu was raised and born in Mozambique. In 1979, when Dludlu was only 13 years of age, he decided to pick up a guitar and train himself. If you do your math correctly, Jimmy is about 53 years old in 2019. Dludlu has also lived in numerous countries that range from Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, and South Africa.

Jimmy Dludlu is a common name in the world of Jazz music. His mastery of jazz enabled him to come up with unique jazz songs that combine both traditional and urban jazz elements. As a result, he has traveled the world performing, while his albums have earned him great respect in the entertainment industry. Below are more interesting facts about the African Jazz king, Jimmy. 

Jimmy brags about being one of the greatest self-taught jazz guitar players in the world. He could take guitars from his cousin, who was a skilled carpenter, and improvise them to make a perfect base guitar for practice. His father did not like the idea of Jimmy playing on his cousin’s guitar. 

Jimmy Dludlu Career: Dludlu started by showcasing his guitar skills at wedding celebrations, where he worked as an entertainer. Apart from playing the guitar, he doubled up as a skilled dancer and singer. At the age of 18, Jimmy decided that playing guitar was his thing and decided to follow his passion. Musical career journey In the 1980s, Jimmy’s journey to fame started on a positive note, as he worked together with various prominent bands in South Africa. 

These include the Impandaze Band (Swaziland) featuring Trevor Hall (Jamaican singer), Kalahari, and Satari (Botswana). His most significant act in the 1980s was working together with Band Anansi that was owned by the late Geotge Lee (Ghanaian saxophonist) during the 1986 Botswana Independence Celebration. In the celebration, he performed alongside legendary African music stars such as Thomas Mapfumo.



List Of Jimmy Dludlu Songs


  • Jimmy Dludlu Winds of Change mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Mdantsane mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Tote mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Point of View mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Tara Tara mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Motherland mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu So Close Yet So Far Away mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Africa Africa mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Linda mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Walk of Life mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Ha Deva mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Echoes From the Past mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Nkateko mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Corners of My Soul mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Masseve mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Basil Goes to Church mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Peaceful Moment mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Male Ya Pepa mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Common Dialogue mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Inyoni Iyaphapha mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu A Massiko mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu I Wish I Knew mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Matue Tue mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Zavala mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu New Church Street
  • Jimmy Dludlu Malala mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu War and Starvation mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Library in Flames mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu The Wood That Sings of Sorrow mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu River of Lost Dreams mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Wish You Were Here mp3 download
  • Jimmy Dludlu Mamana Wanga mp3 download


And many more…

Jimmy Dludlu Winds Of Change Mp3 Download 

Jimmy Dludlu Mix Mp3 Download

Jimmy Dludlu Mdantsane Mp3 Download


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