Best Of E-Sir DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download – E-Sir Kamata mp3 Download

Best Of E-Sir DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download

Best Of E-Sir DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download


Best Of E-Sir DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download: Here Comes The Best Of E-Sir DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download. It features the hit track of E-Sir including E-Sir Greatest hits CD mp3 download, E-Sir Songs mix mp3 download, E-Sir Music mixtape mp3 download, E-Sir Reggae songs mix mp3 download, E-Sir Songs mp3 download, E-Sir songs Mixtape mp3 download, E-Sir album Mixtape mp3 download, E-Sir Kamata mp3 download, E-Sir Moss Moss mp3 download, E-Sir Nimefika mp3 download, E-Sir Hamnitishi mp3 download, E-Sir Saree mp3 download, E-Sir Jobless Corner 2 mp3 download, E-Sir Si Usare mp3 download, E-Sir Jo mp3 download, all E-Sir songs free mp3 download and lots more.

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E-Sir Biography

Issah Mmari Wangui (May 20, 1981 – March 16, 2003), better known by his stage name E-Sir, was a Kenyan hip hop artist. He was the elder brother to fellow Kenyan rapper Habib. He was famous for his deft lyrical ability and command of the Swahili language. 

E-Sir Born:  May 20, 1981 Nairobi, Kenya.

E-Sir Origin: South C, Nairobi, Kenya

E-Sir Death:  March 16, 2003 (aged 21) Rift Valley, Kenya

E-Sir Genre:   Kenyan hip-hop, Kapuka Rap

E-Sir Label: Ogopa Deejay

E-Sir Occupation: Rapper, Lyricist, Poet

E-Sirr Instruments: Vocals 

E-Sir Years Active: 3001- 2003

E-Sir Career:  The phenomenal popularity of his music disproved the myth that Kenyan music could never compete with imported pop. Even long after his death, he is still widely regarded as one of the best rappers to have emerged on the Kenyan hip hop scene. 

In 2017, he got nominated for the Mdundo Awards for Most Downloaded Hip-Hop Artist in 2017. At the age of only 21, after only a brief but most iconic presence in Kenyan music, he died in a car accident in 2003. Boomba Train was his last hit song.



List Of E-Sir Songs


  • E-Sir Kamata mp3 download
  • E-Sir Moss Moss mp3 download
  • E-Sir Nimefika mp3 download
  • E-Sir Hamnitishi mp3 download
  • E-Sir Saree mp3 download
  • E-Sir Jobless Corner 2 mp3 download
  • E-Sir Si Usare mp3 download
  • E-Sir Jo mp3 download
  • E-Sir Kiamaiko mp3 download
  • E-Sir Sababisha Remix mp3 download
  • E-Sir Boomba Train mp3 download
  • E-Sir Bamba mp3 download
  • E-Sir Jobless Corner 1 mp3 download
  • E-Sir Haiwezekani mp3 download
  • E-Sir Maisha mp3 downlo
  • E-Sir Lyrical Tounge Twister mp3 download
  • E-Sir E Sir 05 mp3 download
  • E-Sir Boomba Train mp3 download
  • E-Sir Hamunitishi mp3 download
  • E-Sir Leo ni Leo mp3 download
  • E-Sir Lyrical Tongue Twista mp3 download
  • E-Sir Coast to Coast mp3 download
  • E-Sir Album Sneak Preview mp3 download
  • E-Sir Saree 2 mp3 download
  • E-Sir maisha ya e sir mp3 download


And many more…

E-Sir Kamata Mp3 Download 

E-Sir Mix Mp3 Download

E-Sir Moss Moss mp3 Download


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