Best Of Dagomba Songs Mixtape Mp3 Download- Dagomba 2023/ 2024 Harvest songs mp3 download

Best Of Dagomba Songs Mixtapes Mp3 Download

Best Of Dagomba Songs Mixtapes Mp3 Download 


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About Dagomba Songs Mix

Music of the Dagomba from Ghana introduces listeners to music from one of the largest ethnic tribes in the northern region of Ghana. Drums are featured most prominently in Dagomba music, followed by stringed instruments. One of these, the gondze, is made of a hollowed gourd and covered with reptile skin. 

The characteristic feature of Dagomba gondze music is the repetitive melodic and rhythmic timelines that are played by both fiddlers and rattlers. Other instruments such as flutes are used less frequently, often as background to drum and string ensembles. The album includes harvest songs, praise and entertainment music, and warrior music. Liner notes explain the instrumentation, rhythmic structure, and social context.



List Of Dagomba Songs Mixtapes


  • Dagomba Harvest Songs mp3 download
  • Dagomba Gingeli Entertainment Music mp3 download
  • Dagomba Female singing mp3 download
  • Dagomba Music (Traditional) mp3 download
  • Dagarti mp3 download
  • Dagomba gospel Music mp3 download
  • Dagomba Kakraba Lobi mp3 download
  • Dagomba Gal RMX mp3 download
  • Dagomba Female singing group mp3 download
  • Dagomba handclapping group mp3 download


And Many More….

Dagomba Harvest Songs mp3 download

Dagomba Gingeli Entertainment Music mp3 download

Dagomba Female singing mp3 download


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