Best Of Andy Shurman DJ Mixtape DJ Mix Mp3 Download Andy Shurman Save The Masses Mp3 Download

Best Of Andy Shurman DJ Mixtape DJ Mix Mp3 Download Andy Shurman Save The Masses Mp3 Download

Best Of Andy Shurman DJ Mix Mp3 Download

Best Of Andy Shurman DJ Mixtape Mp3 Download: Here comes the Best Of Andy Shurman DJ Mixtape Mp3 Download. It features the hit tracks of andy shurman including andy shurman save the masses mp3 download, best of Andy Shoreman DJ Mix Mixtape, andy shurman fight them lord, andy shurman full album, andy shurman kinky reggae mp3 download, andy shurman judgement day, andy shurman no train mp3 download, andy shurman let them rise, all Andy Shurman songs free mp3 download and lots more.

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Andy Shurman Biography

His name might not ring a bell for those who are not in tune with the Afro reggae music in Nigeria, but his songs definitely do. Perhaps, if you can’t acquaint yourself with the name, Andy Shurman, you will definitely remember the song, “ Kinky Reggaeman’ which ruled the Nigerian airwaves in the 80s. The song is still enjoying airplay till date.

Andy Shurman is one of Nigeria’s finest reggae stars who dominated the airwaves in the 80s with his debut album, “Save the Masses” released in 1989 and contained such tracks as “Kinky Reggaeman”, “Tabefaction”, “Oladi”, Judgment Day”, “Let them Rise”, “My Creator,” “No Train” and Fight Them Back.” He left the shores of this country when the ovation was loudest, and after sojourning in the United States, Canada and Germany for close to a decade, the self-acclaimed advocate of the masses returned home last year to claim his spot once more.

Shurman has been working underground since he returned to the country, and he’s due to drop his latest album titled, “Stop the Oppressors.”

Andy Shurman is best known for his evergreen album, “Save the Masses” which was released at a time when the country was at a crossroad. The song, described as the greatest protest song ever written in the history of reggae movement in Nigeria soared to number one in the top ten charts within and outside the country and remained there for nine months. His second track “Kinky Reggaeman” which later became a national anthem at a time, was the song that launched Andy Shurman into the mainstream reggae world.

Reports had it then that two weeks after releasing “Save the Masses” into the market, Shurman’s record label then, Tabansi Music, announced that the album had sold over 50,000 copies with paper facts to back up their claims. This, however, caused the demand for the album to soar, just as the song later became a national anthem. But while the ovation was still loud, Andy Shurman, disappeared into thin air.


Andy Shurman Songs List

  • Andy shurman kinky reggae mp3 download
  • Andy shurman judgement day
  • Andy shurman songs Mp3 Download
  • Andy shurman no train mp3 download
  • Andy shurman let them rise
  • Andy shurman save the masses mp3 download
  • Andy Shurman Tabefaction
  • Andy Shurman Kinky Reggaeman
  • Andy Shurman Let Them Rise
  • Andy Shurman Judgement Day
  • Andy Shurman No Train
  • Andy Shurman My Creator
  • Andy Shurman Oladi
  • Andy Shurman Fight Them Lord

And many more…

Andy Shurman Kinky Reggaeman Mp3 Download

Andy Shurman Save The Masse Mp3 Download

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