Best Of Ajofia Nnewi Mixtape DJ Mix Mp3 Download – Ajofia Nnewi Vol 1 2 3 4 5 6 Mp3 Download

Ajofia Nnewi DJ Mix Mixtape Mp3 Download - Ajofia Nnewi Vol 1 2 3 4 5 6 Mp3 Download

Best Of Ajofia Nnewi DJ Mix Mp3 Download

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Ajofia Nnewi Biography

Ajofia Nnewi History – As narrated by Tobe Osigwe Afor (Nkpoka Nnewi), Chief Azuka Michael Efoagui popularly known as Ajofia is a totally different being once you meet him one on one. Those of us who have been privileged to have a sit down with him always marvel at his intellectual depth and organisational skill. These are qualities not easily recognisable if you judge him based on his esoteric music and festive performance.

As he said in one of his songs; masquerading is regarded as a vocation for charlatans. Having this knowledge impressed at the back of his mind, he struggled for precisely forty one years he stepped into the mask of Ajofia to correct this erroneous conception. Today, everyone is seeing and agreeing that his brand of masquerade is not an adventure into charlatanism, vulgarism and gangasterism. He personally acknowledged this achievement in his latest album where he boasted, “There was a time I was just an echo, today I am an oak with many branches”.

I count it a great privilege as a writer to outline the three major ways Ajofia devised to ensure his masquerade performance was not reduced to bad and negative labels.

Ajofia as an Administrator: There is probably no masquerade in Igbo land that goes out with more retinue of young youths than the Evil Forest. The average number of young blooded youths that accompany Ajofia to an event is forty. The maximum number is one hundred to one hundred and fifty. What many people may not know that all these boys down to the least of them are paid. This means Ajofia masquerade is a business company, a performance troupe.

Whenever people hear the cost of inviting Ajofia to an event they shudder. But majority of the money goes to the big truck he hires and the many boys that go with him. According to him, the glory of Ajofia masquerade lies in the crowd the mask steps into an event with. He calls the crowd, Mba, which means a nation. To him, Ajofia masquerade is a nation thus it must be accompanied into an event by an intimidating number able to make a nation.

Now, managing these hot blooded youths to make sure they do not go haywire is where his administrative instincts set in. First, he makes sure that no youth smokes or drinks once you are inside the moving truck or during the event performance. To ensure that these instructions are kept to the letter, he stays inside the truck with them.

One of his rules to his comrades is “once we enter a town ensure you keep their rules and do not try to intimidate them with our number”. This is why there has never been a case of Ajofia masquerade getting into any form of fight or altercation with people, both in faraway lands or within the Nnewi metropolis. As he sang in one of his songs “he does not want okwu na uka (altercation) to spoil the very important mission he is carrying on his head”. Yes, he fancies himself as an emissary from the spirit world.

Moving on, many big musicians have been accused of collecting money without showing up for the event they were paid to perform. Fortunately, Ajofia has not been called out for such misdemeanour. Ajofia masquerade is booked several months ahead with down payment made. He ensures that once you book a date, it is properly documented alongside the exact amount of part payment made.

This administrative ability has helped him to stay away from any form of controversy that will smear his brand. Chief Azuka may not have gone to school to learn secretarial studies but he has learnt all the administrative tool he needs to distinguish himself on the job.

Ajofia The Cultural Ambassador: Chief Azuka believes that our Igbo culture have been totally misunderstood by the Igbos. For him, his music is his own way of saying; our Igbo culture is ours to appreciate, promote and preserve. To achieve this, he ensures that his music is more explanatory than salutary. He devotes more time to his songs extolling the virtues of Igbo culture. He also uses his songs to warn against evil vices perpetuated in the name of Igbo culture.

At times he uses English in his songs so that outsiders who do not understand Igbo language can appreciate the wisdom and philosophical depth of Igbo culture.

Ajofia uses his music for cultural advocacy and dialetics. For example in one of his songs he asked “why should any Igbo say that the white man taught them about God when there were many Igbo names with the suffix Chukwu before the coming of the white man”.

Assuredly, he realisesd that to be a cultural ambassador will mean being demonised. This he acknowledged in the track one of his third album “No child is born without travails, the sacrificial lamb must carry heavy cross”.

The cross of being a true Igbo ambassador is a heavy cross, a cross more heavier than his mask. Yet, for forty one good years he has carried this task without any form of subvention from state governments or even wealthy Igbo men. The only car he has was bought from his sweat not a gift. His house that took him close to ten years to build was built through his sweat. Today, many Igbos are proud of this gigantic masquerade that emits smoke. Today, Ajofia masquerade has become the pride of the whole Igbo land. Indeed, Ajofia is now an Oak with many branches.

Ajofia The Intellectual: once you get close to Chief Azuka what you will notice quickly is his voracious appetite for books and his unquenchable hunger for knowledge. This makes him want to be around knowledgeable people to see what he can sponge off them. He calls himself “a doctorate degree holder in the underworld”.

Yes, he believes that despite his academic journey was cut short at Junior secondary on this earthly plane, that he is an academic professor in Ani Muo. The intellectual depth of his songs gives credence to this claim of his.

An intelligent mind cannot but marvel at the language construction of his words in his songs. This is understandable once your realise that he is a voracious reader of poems. Azuka enjoys poems. He scans through great poems for inspiration.

Nothing captures his intellectual superiority like his finding of the inspiration to bring Ajofia to life while reading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. He found his calling while reading a book, and as such, he is sustaining the fire and tempo of his calling via continuous reading and research.

Conclusively, Igbos are yet to appreciate the totality of what makes Ajofia a success. When they do, they will realise the importance of this great man to this current Igbo generation. Once Chief Azuka Michael Efoagui departs this scene, there may not be another like him for a long time to come. I have reconciled myself to the fact that the phenomenon Ajofia Nnewi, the Evil Forest, is a once in a while gift from the unseen hands to Igbos and Africa.

The Person behind this Ajofia Nnewi Masqurade has the following mysteries. He cannot eat what is cooked by a woman (Unless his Mother), he is still a virgin up till now, his Masquerade is always inside the popular Ajofia Forest In Nnewi, everyone knows him in person but his lifestyle is quite a mystery to some people, the rain must not touch him while performing at any event, he cannott enter public transport coming to events and lots more. For more regarding the history of ajofia nnewi masquerade, run a quick google search. Enjoy Ajofia Nnewi Mixtape Mp3 Download.


List Of Ajofia Nnewi Songs

  • Ajofia Nnewi Nwayọyọyọ Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Nwayoyoyo Ka Ifunanya Na Udo Bata
  • Ajofia Nnewi Ana Were Were Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Mabalum Oji Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Vol 1 Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Vol 2 Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Vol 3 Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Mixtape Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Vol 4 Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Vol 5 Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Vol 6 Mp3 Download
  • Ajofia Nnewi Igwe Bu Ike
  • Ajofia Nnewi Onye Na Ezi Uzo
  • Ajofia Nnewi Odu Na Ana Abia
  • Ajofia Nnewi Gbawalum Oji
  • Ajofia Nnewi Mgbe Onye Jiri Nwee Ego
  • Ajofia Nnewi Okwulu Lota
  • Ajofia Nnewi Uwa
  • Ajofia Nnewi Ogene Cultural Praise
  • Ajofia Nnewi

And many more…

Ajofia Nnewi Masqurade Vol 1 Mp3 Download

Ajofia Nnewi Masqurade Vol 2 Mp3 Download

Ajofia Nnewi Masqurade Vol 3 Mp3 Download

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Ajofia Nnewi Ana Were Were Mp3 Download

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